Exceeding current standards

Paragon Armory was created in 2021 providing premium upgrade parts, accessories, and fully custom high end Airsoft replicas. Our online catalogue is carefully curated to create a high quality and effortless shopping experience. 

What does Paragon Armory and its logo mean?

The word Paragon is defined as: "a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality." I thought the name Paragon Armory would be fitting because I aimed to only provide the best guns, parts, and services available. The logo is inspired by the "dagaz" rune which symbolizes awakening, transformation, and balance. The rune itself can be viewed to have my initials, M & W. The dagaz rune resonates with me because personally I feel awakened by my passion for airsoft and how I plan to transform these airsoft replicas into something extraordinary. 

Meet the owner

My name is Michael and I've been involved in airsoft since 2013. I've always been passionate about tinkering with things and finding ways to improve them. Enter airsoft teching. I had a thirst for knowledge constantly seeking new methods, modifications, or parts to make my airsoft replicas perform their best. Throughout the years I've gained invaluable experience that has helped me master my craft. Each fully upgraded gun or drop in unit I offer only utilizes methods, mods, and parts I would personally have on my own replica. It's truly an amazing feeling being able to give someone a replica that performs above their expectations and that's why I do what I do. Stay connected with me via Instagram 

michael using the paragon spec urgi replica with hao and somogear accessories