• Only use high quality 6mm BBs. BLS brand or similar quality is HIGHLY ADVISED. Use the heaviest weight your field will allow. Typically we’ve found anything from .30g to .40g to be the sweet spot for BB weight.
  • Regular maintenance is required. This will consist of cleaning your inner barrel and any debris from body / receiver of the replica regularly, usually after every game or event. We STRICTLY advise only having Paragon Armory servicing your gearbox. Do NOT attempt on your own. Paragon Armory offers a one time complimentary service. The client will be responsible for any shipping fees to and from Paragon Armory for this service and must be shipped back with an orange tip as required by Federal Law. Please email us before sending in your replica. 
  • An 11.1v Li-Po battery is included. Use a high quality balance charger to prolong its life and use the same or similar spec battery for optimal trigger response and rate of fire. Do NOT use a battery with a higher voltage.
  • PTS EPM and ARES AMAG magazines are highly recommended for their capacity and feeding ability. Using other magazines could cause failures to feed or cause the notorious midcap syndrome. If midcap syndrome occurs, we recommend using a magazine that doesn’t exert excess magazine spring pressure. Another useful tip is to never fully load a magazine and to load to 80-90% capacity if this issue arises. We build our replicas to overcome these issues but there is always a slight chance this can occur. 
  • Keep the replica stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid water and moisture as much as possible. Storing in the garage is not recommended. 
  • Do NOT tamper with the motor grip or buffer tube in any fashion. This means removing the grip, replacing the grip, or adjusting the motor height. Doing so can damage the replica and will VOID your warranty. 
  • Do NOT use excessive binary trigger, precocking, or braking settings. Please consult with Paragon Armory before changing the settings of your ETU.



  • Each replica will come with a 1 year or 100,000 BB round count warranty (whichever comes first).
  • Normal use / wear and tear is covered along with failures due to defects or workmanship. This is at the discretion of Paragon Armory. 
  • Your warranty will be voided if the following are met but not limited to:
    • The replica has been disassembled
    • Spring changed or removed
    • Buffer tube removed / replaced
    • Motor grip removed, changed, altered, and or motor height adjusted
    • Any negligent use, abuse, or intentionally causing the replica to break
    • Excessive damage from water, fire, impacts, or drops.
    • Use of low quality BBs or damaged BBs
    • Failure to clean the barrel


Please reach out to with further questions or concerns.