Paragon Spec DSG Saber CQB

$1,499.99 $1,899.99

The Paragon Spec DSG is comprised of the latest and greatest parts, modifications, and tuning know-how to provide you the ultimate CQB tool. Extremely responsive, fast, efficient, quiet, and lightweight. 

Please allow 4-8 weeks to process. Each replica is made to order.


 350FPS to 375FPS (1.3j) 42 RPS (3s Li-Po) 215 ft. (.32g+)



  • VFC Avalon trade marked receiver
  • MLOK Handguard with QD mounting points
  • Metal Amplifier
  • PTS EPG-C Pistol Grip
  • VFC Flip-up Sights
  • VFC QRS Adjustable Stock
  • VFC Enhanced Trigger Guard
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release and Fire Selector


  • Retro Arms QCS Billet Aluminum Gearbox Shell
  • JeffTron Leviathan Wireless Programmable MOSFET 
  • Hair Trigger
  • Rocket CNC Steel Gearset + Siegetek Cromoly Dual Sector Gear
  • Warhead Brushless Motor + CNC Hardened Steel Pinion Gear
  • Paragon Armory 8mm Stainless Steel J Caged Bearings
  • FPS Softair Zero Shock Full Metal Rack Piston AOE corrected
  • FPS Softair High ROF POM Piston Head
  • Guarder Oil Temper Wire Spring 
  • FPS Softair CNC Double O-ring Cylinder Head
  • Guarder Enhanced Tappet Plate
  • VFC M4 O-ring Air nozzle (21.2mm)
  • FPS Softair Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Lonex Hardened Steel Anti Reversal Latch
  • CNC Adjustable Trigger


  • Paragon x EDGI Stainless Steel Inner Barrel with ER Hop
  • Rotary Style Hop Up Chamber
  • Laser cut R-Hop patch 
  • Flat hop bucking
  • O-ring Shims


  • PTS EPM Magazine 
  • 11.1v / 3 cell Battery with deans connector 
  • Paragon Armory Patch


  • All guns are made to order and build times are subject to change. 
  • Some accessories are not included and are intended for display purposes only. Please refer to included accessories list. 
  • All guns will ship with an orange tip as required by Federal Law. (Not pictured)
  • No shipping outside the US.
  • Must be 18 years or older to purchase.
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