JeffTron Leviathan NGRS Optical Wireless Programmable MOSFET

  • The Leviathan - NGRS is one of the most advanced ETU (electronic trigger unit) on the market
  • It combines optical and switch sensors for better handling and durability
  • Built-in wireless communication for quick setup using iOS or Android smartphones!
  • Tactile trigger switch has travel only 0,13mm long for ultimate hair trigger feeling and unique Real Feel Trigger System (RFTS) with integrated spring simulates trigger resistance like in the real gun. It adds secondary resistance with release after the fire. RFTS was designed by professional gunsmith for more realistic feel from shooting
  • External output and input port serves for custom accessories
  • Real time response for change settings -> immediately test result
  • Easy installation into the gearbox (fully integrated inside the gearbox instead of the original trigger contacts)
  • New functions are for free for every user via online update


  • Adds new shooting modes independent for every position on the fire selector (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO)
  • Three adjustable bursts (range 2 - 20 shots)
  • It preserves empty magazine detection like the original gun
  • Rate of fire can be reduce to 40%. It add breaks between shots to reduce RoF. It gives fast trigger response even with very low rate of fire, just like in a real gun
  • Adjustable strength active braking (can be disabled)
  • Pre-cocking function for instant shot on SEMI fire
  • Delay between shots adds time in which isn't possible to shoot, it simulates the delay from gun reload or recoil (range 0,1 - 4,0 seconds)
  • Electronic fuse set sensitivity for high current detection to avoid any damage if something goes wrong
  • Low battery indication for 2S - 4S li-pol and 3S - 4S li-fe
  • Virtual magazine simulates low capacity magazines, it will force the gun to stop shooting when it reach 0. There can be set warning after shot before empty magazine and how it will be reloaded
  • On the board are input and output ports for controlling external devices or Leviathan
  • Statistics screen shows shooting output with cycle timing, motor current consumption, rate of fire and temperatures. It allows you to do fine-tune gearbox upgrade
  • Application shows actual battery voltage value. Color lines indicates battery charge status where green is OK, orange will warn after each shot and red will not allow to shoot
  • User can save multiple settings under profiles
  • Update function fixes bugs and adds new features to the device
  • There are three shot counters. Total count every shot during the device lifetime. User counter can be reset by user anytime. Power-up counter is reset by battery connection
  • Error log shows errors made during the device life also can be erased by user
  • For better security wireless connection can be disable by the selector switch (can be deactivated)
  • Leviathan monitors current, voltage and temperature to avoid any damage when something go wrong.
  • Motor vibrates and beeps as a feedback for user
  • Programmed settings are saved in the Leviathan memory immediately after their change, so you can immediately test it and settings aren't lost when is battery disconnected or lost connection with smartphone
  • New functions are for free for every user via online update function

    Independent for every position on the fire selector (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO)
  • SAFE: no responding on the trigger pull.
  • Semi: it fires single shot per trigger pull.
  • Semi/BurstX: short trigger pull fires single shot, long trigger pull fires burst.
  • Binary trigger: it fires single shot when trigger is pulled and another single shot when is released.
  • BurstX: gun shoot burst per trigger pull.
  • BurstX+BurstY: short trigger press fires burstX, long trigger press makes burstX+burstY fire.
  • BurstX/Full: short trigger press fires burstX, long trigger press makes auto fire.
  • Full: gun makes auto fire until releasing trigger.
  • Virtual reload: pull trigger to reload virtual magazine

    Works with Output terminal:
  • OFF: output terminal works only if the Input terminal activates it.
  • Motor: output terminal is ON with gun motor + with IN activation.
  • Motor + Xs: output terminal is ON with gun motor with time delay after gun motor is deactivated + with IN activation.
  • Always on: the output terminal is constantly activated.

    Manufacturer: JeffTron


  • Tokyo Marui M4 Next Generation
  • Tokyo Marui HK416D Next Generation
  • Tokyo Marui HK416C Next Generation
  • Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Next Generation
  • Tokyo Marui SCAR-H Next Generation
  • Tokyo Marui HK417 Next Generation
    Package Includes: Leviathan - NGRS drop-in electronic module with loose wiring to stock, 40A fuse, 2x faston and T-Plug connectors, red wire and heat-shrinks to finish wiring at the battery end, 2x Screw with washer for securing device in the gearbox, 2x Foam to keep device in place, Sheet with selector plate stickers, Black Leviathan sticker 40 mm, Installation manual in English

    Safety Warning!
    - Installation of this device into the gearbox requires advanced technician skills!
    - Please read the instructions before installing your device to prevent any damage.
    - Short circuit or incorrectly connected battery will cause immediate damage to the device which is not covered by the warranty. It can lead to fire or even battery explosion.
    - Disconnect your battery when you aren't using the gun! Otherwise you will fully discharge the battery because the device drains small amount of current from the battery at all times
    - Do not connect battery when gun pointing towards you, another person or an animal.
    - Do not modify, repair, or put any kind of liquids or thermal shock into the Leviathan - NGRS.