FLT Airsoft CNC Steel Bushings


FLT - Field Limit Tuning Airsoft produces the most durable bushings currently on the market. The bushings have been CNC machined from high-speed steel and burnished in a vibratory tumbler. This assists in eliminating any peaks or high spots that may cause damage to gear axles. The dimensions are checked on every bushing to ensure a quality product. These bushings also have the gear axle openings reamed. The inside is smooth for smooth gear axle operation. The outer diameter is then media blasted to texture the surface to aid in adhesion when using glue/epoxy to secure the bushings in place. Also, each piece has a low profile for proper gear clearance and shimming.


  • CNC machined out of high-speed steel to tolerances of .001".
  • Media blasted to promote adhesion. 
  • Low profile fit for maximum shimming space and reduces obstruction.
  • Ultra smooth gear axle holes to reduce friction.
  • Rockwell hardness of 50-55.
  • Limited lifetime warranty (Warranty information)