FPS Softair POM Bearing Piston Head Designed For High ROF and Increase Silence (TPNS)


POM piston head designed for high rof and to increase the silence of the replica thanks to the very small knocking surface (TPNS).
It is the lightest among those produced by the FPS for rifles with gusts over 30 BBs / second.
Its adoption lightens the weight of the piston and piston head with a significant reduction in mechanical stress and noise.
The particular conformation of the striking part (conical degrading towards the center with different angles) ensures that the ventilation holes are never closed by the rubber of the cylinder head, without however leaving too much air between the cylinder head and piston head. All this ensures a perfect anti-vacuum system without ever producing power losses.
This piston head was developed thanks to the experience of Nico Saccocci of NikkSakk.Extreme.Airsoftcustom.
The product is supplied with a metallic bearing and washer in orange-colored technopolymer.
For preparations of replicas with extreme rates our technical team recommends the use of the washer to lighten the beating mass.
Technical specifications:

Weight: 8.3 grams (with metal pad)
Weight: 5.5 grams (with technopolymer washer)