FPS Softair Stainless Steel Cylinder


The FPS cylinder is built using high density stainless steel to withstand the constant friction caused by the metal alloy piston head and to ensure a maximum mechanical and chemical resistance.
Special cooling groove design is added to the exterior of the cylinder, to effectively dissipate the heat caused by friction between piston head and cylinder.
All the FPS cylinders are CNC manufactured for maximum dimensional precision.
Moreover, the interior of the cylinder is polished in order to have a low friction between piston head o-ring and cylinder, to create superb air seal effect and to guarantee best performances for long time.

- Length: 72.2 mm
- External diameter: 25.4 mm
- Inner hole diameter: 23.8 mm

Types & Recommended Lengths: 

- "F" for inner barrel from 451mm to 550mm

- "E" for inner barrel from 401mm to 450mm

- "D" for inner barrel from 301mm to 400mm

- "C" for inner barrel from 251mm to 300mm

- "B" for inner barrel from 201mm to 250mm