JeffTron Two-stage Trigger V3


This adapter imitates the behavior of the two-stage trigger in a real gun it allows the user to know exactly when the firing will take place. This gives better accuracy and realistic shooting feel.

The two-stage trigger has an operating process that involves two distinct phases of firing:
- In the first stage there is smooth trigger pull until it hit the wall
- In the second stage the weight of the trigger increases to break through the wall
- “click” past the second stage initiates the shot

This system was designed by professional gunsmith Tomas Linhart, according to the trigger behavior of a real gun like the rest of the RFTS family, but this system is more sophisticated and more elaborate compared to the standard RFTS V3 spring, which is not suitable for Retroarms gearbox without modifications.

This set is designed only for installation into a CNC gearbox - V3 from Retroarms with Leviathan-V3 optical ETU from JeffTron. For installation in other gearboxes the Two-stage trigger adapter has to be modified to their dimensions.


- For those who want a more realistic airsoft gun shooting behavior
- Ability to “prep” the first stage - press through the first stage to take up the slack, and from there they can add a bit more pressure to actually fire a round
- In high stress, high adrenaline situations allows for a greater level of control, where accidental discharges and hitting the wrong target is most destructive
- If you don't want to lose the feeling in your shooting finger
- For snipers who want accurate shooting
- Protects this part of the gearbox against dirt ingress

- 3D printed two-stage trigger adapter for Retroarms mechabox V3 with Leviathan - V3 Optical installed
- V3 trigger return spring
- Holding screw for the gearbox
- Installation manual via QR code

MANUAL: Download here [PDF, 1,12 MB]