Paragon Spec 33,000 RPM CNC Brushless Motor for Airsoft AEG


Airsoft motors just got a whole lot better. Introducing our Paragon Spec Brushless AEG Motor. We obsessed over every detail of this motor to build the best performing AEG motor on the market.

Starting with a new ESC, this ESC features the fastest startup time (3ms) of any brushless motor currently available. Almost 3 times faster than the next leading brand.

We redesigned the motor tower sleeve to be slightly larger at 9.65mm. This is to provide better fitment between the motor and gearbox giving you optimal motor alignment and more consistent shimming. 

O type armature and CNC steel heat treated pinion gear were also selected for its concentricity. This pinion gear is extremely durable and meshes well with a wide variety of gearsets. You have the option to swap for any O-type pinion like the Lonex Spiral set.

33K adjustable RPM has a wide use case and can be paired with high speed to high torque gearsets. Infinite amount of adjustability to achieve your desired ROF.

4 EZO bearings are installed throughout this motor. 2 in the tower and 2 in the case. These bearings can withstand tons of abuse while providing silky smooth operation.

A common issue we see among other brushless motors were tabs snapping. We use extra thick motor tabs to improve reliability and prevent snapping.

Custom CNC casing with cooling vanes for the cherry on top. We opted for an overall premium build quality with no expense spared.

Why brushless over brushed?

The performance is undeniable. With brushless motors, you're seeing faster speeds with a ton of torque. This translates to near instant trigger response times. On top of speed and torque, there's a HUGE efficiency gain specifically in semi auto power draw. You'll be using fewer batteries and charging them less frequently allowing you to play all day without stress of your battery dying. No brushes to replace means maintenance is much easier. These motors are the secret to getting HPA level performance from an AEG. This is the absolute best motor if you're looking for insane trigger response, fast speed, high torque, high efficiency, and no motor heat.


  • Industry leading ESC (processor) with extremely fast startup time
  • O type armature featuring a CNC steel hardened pinion gear
  • Enlarged tower sleeve diameter of 9.65mm
  • Custom CNC construction with cooling vanes
  • Easy RPM adjustment via RPM dial with max speed of 33,000 RPM
  • 4 EZO bearings throughout the motor for increased reliability and extremely smooth operation
  • High quality N45SH magnets for torque and efficiency
  • Super thick and reinforced motor tabs 
  • Overheat protection, voltage protection, and rotor lock protection
  • Long type construction for V2 style AEG
  • Compatible with Jefftron Leviathan, Gate Titan, Perun Hybrid and other similar ETU systems