Paragon Spec 6.05mm R-Hop Drop In Unit

Barrel Length
This a no frills drop in R-Hop unit providing exceptional range and accuracy. What it lacks in bling factor it makes up for in performance. We fail to find another combination that matches the reliability and the performance these units provide. 
  • EDGI barrels are manufactured to the highest quality and have an internal surface finish of 1 micron. Made from stainless steel for maximum durability and longevity.
  • 6mm hop up window maximizes BB backspin efficiency.
  • The Prometheus rotary style chamber allows for precise hop adjustment, tight air seal, and an extremely wide range of compatibility.
  • Laser cut R-hop patches that have a perfect fit for consistent results.
  • Custom nub to evenly apply hop pressure.
  • 5x O-ring shims to properly shim the hop-up unit to the gearbox shell.


  • Paragon x EDGI stainless steel inner barrel 6.05mm ID
  • Prometheus Wide Use Rotary Style Hop Up Chamber
  • Laser cut R-Hop patch and custom nub
  • Flat bucking
  • 5 hop-up unit O-ring shims

Though these units can be drop in, some minor tuning may be required. Here at Paragon Armory, we use VFC air nozzles which are 21.2mm in length. Modifications of your nozzle, tappet plate, and/or tappet plate spring might be necessary. Always ensure that the nozzle is completely center and the hop-up is tightly pressed towards the gearbox shell. 

Each unit is made to order. Please allow 7-14 days for assembly and tuning.