Paragon Spec Complete Drop In Piston Assembly


These complete drop in piston assemblies make upgrading your AEG an effortless experience all while providing increased performance and reliability. Each piston is meticulously assembled using precise AOE adjustment, quality adhesives, and thread-locker further increasing strength and reliability. We're really excited to offer this piston assembly and we hope you're just as excited as we are. The best piston assembly for your V2/V3 AEG airsoft electric gun. This complete drop in piston increases your reliability and performance.

Suitable for all builds including high speed SSG/DSG and high FPS DMR.

What to expect:

  • Components from Retro Arms and FPS Softair
  • 14.5 CNC hardened steel rack pre AOE corrected
  • Ultra slick and durable polyamide body 
  • CNC POM dual o-ring ball bearing piston head 
  • Low resistance Viton O-ring
  • 2mm nylon washers for precise AOE spacing
  • Rack bonded with high quality adhesives to the piston body
  • Thread-locker applied to the piston head fastener