Paragon Spec Fully Upgraded Drop-in Gearbox (V2)

Grip Color

A fully upgraded gearbox that is truly "drop-in ready". Each part is carefully selected to extract the utmost performance and reliability. The motor and grip are included which eliminates the need for the user to adjust the bevel to pinion shimming. Simply remove your old gearbox, install and align the Paragon Spec gearbox, attach the grip, and drop the motor in. Each gearbox is made to order with an average working time of 5 hours. We ensure each gearbox is perfectly tuned to exceed your expectations. Because each gearbox is built to order, our current lead times are 3-4 weeks.

PAIR with our R-hop Drop-in Units for unmatched range and accuracy.



 18:1 DSG 50+ RPS (3s 11.1v)

Barrel lengths up to 300mm

300 - 350 FPS (0.2g)



 14:1 SSG Short Stroked 31+ RPS (3s 11.1v)

Barrel lengths from 275-420mm

375 - 400 FPS (0.2g)




  • Retro Arms Billet Aluminum Gearbox Shell
  • JeffTron Leviathan Optical Programmable MOSFET
  • *Siegetek 14.09 Cromoly Gearset Short Stroked Gear Set
  • **Rocket / SHS bevel + spur and Siegetek 8T DSG (Applies only to "CQB" variant)
  • T238 Brushless High Efficiency Variable RPM Motor
  • Paragon Armory 8mm Stainless Steel J Caged Bearings
  • FPS Softair Zero Shock Piston with AOE correction 
  • FPS Softair CNC POM Piston Head with bearings
  • FPS Softair CNC Stainless Steel Ultra Smooth Cylinder
  • FPS Softair CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head 
  • Guarder Oil Temper Wire Spring (*SP130, **SP150)
  • Guarder Enhanced Tappet Plate
  • VFC M4 O-ring Air nozzle (21.2mm)
  • Lonex Hardened Steel Anti Reversal Latch
  • Retro Arms M4 Selector Plate
  • FLT Airsoft Enhanced Tappet Spring
  • PTS EPG-C Pistol Grip


  • The images are for demo purposes only and may not 100% represent the final product. Please refer to the above parts list for the most accurate and up to date specs. 
  • Compatibility and final results may vary. Some experience is required. 
  • Confirmed fitment with: VFC, Cyma, G&G, King Arms and other same spec lower receivers.