Paragon Spec EDGI Stainless Steel 6.05 AEG Inner Barrel

R-Hop patch installation

A collaborative effort between Paragon Armory and EdGI to create the best inner barrels money can buy. EdGI is known for their excellent craftsmanship and quality. These barrels are made out of stainless steel and are lapped down to a mirror finish (less than 1 micron). There is a significant increase to range, accuracy, precision, and efficiency. This is all because of their superior barrel straightness/concentricity and internal surface finish giving the BB the most straight and uninterrupted flight path possible.

Here at Paragon, we believe the 6.05 inner diameter truly is the best all around spec. BBs are manufactured at a diameter of approximately 5.95mm. This leaves enough gap to allow the BB to travel down the barrel uninterrupted by most dirt and debris in the barrel. This is most beneficial when cleaning the barrel isn't possible especially during longer MILSIM events. 

The hop up window is also larger than most barrels on the market. These barrels utilize a 6.1mm hop window to provide the most optimal contact patch for the BB. They key to getting the most range is by applying the BB backspin without sacrificing the power output. A larger window increases the efficiency of this effect which increases your range. 

The lengths available are designed to fit flush with popular length outer barrels such as

10.3" / 10.5" - 275mm inner barrel

11.5" - 300mm inner barrel 

14.5"  - 377.5mm inner barrel 

17" Krytac SPR - 420mm inner barrel